Onassis 2010

Onassis is an outstanding venture in the commercial west end. Unlike today's celebrity trivia, the Onassis story incorporates major issues. The seduction scene between Robert Lindsay's Onassis and Lydia Leonard's Jackie is charged with cultural as well as sexual tensions. Lindsay's Onassis is mercurial: quietly sophisticated, wantonly crude, alluringly witty, subtly aggressive. It's a brilliant central performance.
* * * * Independent On Sunday

The ever magnificent Robert Lindsay gives a gripping performance as Onassis.
* * * * Daily Express

...Martin Sherman's fascinating new play...
* * * * The Independent

Robert Lindsay is hypnotic as this Machiavellian Puppet Master, who serves up a cocktail of lies seductions and threats.
Evening Standard

A colourful, cautionary tale for our celebrity times, with a knockout star turn at the centre.